Essential in helping you select the right product.


Artificial grass is weighed in ounces per square yard. A high-density 90 oz. product will be much fuller than a 60 oz. product. A denser grass is softer and taller while a lighter product is often shorter. The density of an artificial grass material should be taken into careful consideration when there are kids and pets involved as not all products are the same. 


Artificial grass comes in different color variations. The 3 most common tones are lime/spring, olive/fescue and neutral. These color variations are paired with a brown root zone thatch for a more natural appearance. We recommend you select a color that blends in the most with your surrounding landscape for the most realistic look possible.


Artificial grass is manufactured in different heights and it is measured above the turf's backing to the tip of the grass fibers. For pets, it's recommended to go with a shorter grass material for an easier cleanup. However, a taller product may appear more realistic. Selecting the right height is an important decision in the long run. Let your sales representative be aware of the potential usage so they may suggest the best suitable product for your application. 


Artificial grass requires very little upkeep. A stiff bristle broom is used to fluff up the grass fibers to prevent matting. Visit our maintenance guideline page for detailed information.