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  • How many artificial grass infills are there?
    Below are the most popular turf infill’s 1. Silica sand Most popular infill as it’s the most inexpensive. 2. Green Acrylic Sand Is a green coated sand that does not contain silica dust. It does not retain heat or liquids and is anti-microbial but is also the most expensive infill. 3. Zeolite/Zeofill An infill specifically made for pet’s, a negatively charged honey-combed molecular structure which absorbs the urine like a magnet and prevents the ammonia from forming a gas which is the main cause of smell. 4. Rubber infill Made of recycled crumb tires, helps absorb impact.
  • How much of the existing sod needs to be removed before having the artificial grass installed?
    Depends what type of sod you currently have but it can be from 2″-4″. Marathon sod – 2″ St. Augustine sod – 3″-4″ Bermuda sod – 3″-4″
  • How long does artificial grass last?
    Artificial grass has come a long way from the old astro turf days, our products have a lifespan of 18-20 years.
  • How do I maintain my new artificial grass?
    Please visit our maintenance guide sheet that give detailed instructions.
  • Is artificial grass pet friendly?
    PET’S LOVE TURF! 70% of our installations since 2008 have been for pet owners. HYPOALLERGENIC. SAFE. AND NON TOXIC
  • Does HOA (Home Owners Association) allow artificial grass?
    99% of the Home Owners Association’s approve synthetic grass just fill out their application form and wait for approval.
  • What is an artificial grass infill?
    It is the material applied over the artificial grass blades once installed. It adds weight to the turf and keeps the fibers upright preventing the turf from prematurely matting down.
  • How does artificial grass drain?
    Our products are perforated underneath and drain at a rate of 28-32 inches per hour. A 3/4″ gravel is installed and compacted underneath the synthetic grass to allow proper drainage.
  • I have gophers!
    Don’t panic! There’s a solution for everything even for those little critters. Once the sod is removed a ½” galvanized 20 gauge hexagonal wire mesh is installed directly over the sub soil and secured with 6” staples. The base layer is then installed directly over the wire mesh and compacted. This process prevents the gophers from protruding underneath the base system.
  • Can I use a weed killer on my new artificial grass?
    Yes, it will not damage your new turf. We suggest using a round up sprayer.
  • Does artificial grass get hot?
    New technology has made synthetic grass cooler, although turf does get a bit warm it does not get hotter than concrete. We also have an infill that is applied on top of the grass fibers which help reduce the turf’s temperature.
  • Does artificial grass fade?
    Our products feature built-in U.V. inhibitors. These U.V. inhibitors are incorporated within the yarn process and will allow the yarn to hold color even in the most harsh conditions. The turf color is designed to last 15 years.
  • Are there any artificial grass rebate programs?
    Turf removal program may offer a $2-$3 per sq.ft. rebate. Check with your local water company.
  • Will my artificial grass get weeds?
    Once the base layer is compacted a porous commercial grade weed fabric is installed to prevent weeds from coming underneath the “drain holes” of the turf. You may receive some weeds along the edges that’s completely normal since there’s a gap between the grass and the edging.
  • Where are you located?
    1029 Fuller St. Santa Ana, CA 92701
  • I want to book in on-site appointment.
    Give us a call 866.405.8873

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