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The Hicks' 9-Year Journey: A Testament to Turfora's Enduring Turf

Updated: Feb 2

Linda and Jim Hicks artificial lawn in Huntington Beach,CA

Beautiful artificial grass installation in Huntington Beach,CA
Jim and Linda's lawn

The Hicks' 9-Year Journey: A Testament to Turfora's Enduring Turf

Hello and welcome to the very first installment of our exciting new series, "Previous Owners' Spotlight." Here at Turfora, we're not just about creating beautiful, sustainable lawns; we're about building lasting relationships and stories that stand the test of time.

In this series, we'll be taking a trip down memory lane, revisiting some of our favorite projects from the past. It's not just a showcase of our work—it's a celebration of the journeys, transformations, and enduring satisfaction experienced by our valued clients.

Today, we're thrilled to share the story of the Hicks family from Huntington Beach, CA. Their nine-year plus journey with our artificial turf is a testament to the lasting beauty and value we strive to deliver in every installation.

A Testament to Quality Workmanship:

Nine years ago, our team at Turfora had the privilege of transforming the Hicks' original St. Augustine sod into a beautiful, lush, evergreen artificial lawn . This project was more than just an installation for us; it was about crafting a lasting landscape masterpiece that stood the test of time.

The Neighborhood's Green Revolution:

The stunning transformation at the Hicks' residence inspired their neighbor Mario, and soon, three more households in their community. As a team, we at Turfora are honored to have played a pivotal role in this green revolution in Huntington Beach.

A Challenge Overcome

At Turfora, we stand by our products and our clients, even years after installation. Nine years after laying the Hicks' artificial turf, we faced a challenge. Their gardener accidentally left a hot chainsaw on the turf, causing damage. This incident was a reminder of the need for careful handling of heat sources around artificial turf.

Although this type of damage wasn't covered under warranty, we saw it as an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment. Linda Hicks upon contacting our team we swiftly replaced the damaged sections, matching the quality and appearance of the original turf. We also revitalized the entire lawn, using a power machine that fluffs up the turf, we also added fresh silica sand infill to enhance its overall aesthetics. This comprehensive care reaffirmed our dedication to long-term customer satisfaction and the quality of our installations.

Unwavering Beauty and Return on Investment:

When we spoke with Jim Hicks, his enthusiasm about our turf was as vivid as ever. He marveled at how, even after nine years, the turf looks as lush and vibrant as the day it was installed. This enduring beauty is not just a matter of aesthetics; it reflects the superior quality of our premium US-made materials and our meticulous installation process.

But the benefits of choosing Turfora extend beyond the visual appeal. Jim highlighted the significant savings they've realized over the years. With no need for watering, mowing, or chemical treatments, our artificial turf has provided them with a hassle-free, cost-effective landscaping solution. This translates into a substantial return on investment, as the savings on maintenance and water bills have accumulated over time.

Moreover, our commitment to sustainability means that every lawn we install contributes to water conservation efforts in Orange County. This is particularly important in our local context, where water is a precious resource. By choosing Turfora, our clients are not only enhancing the beauty of their homes but are also making an environmentally responsible decision.

The Hicks' experience is a prime example of the long-term value that Turfora delivers. It's not just about installing a lawn; it's about creating a lasting, green space that enriches our clients' lives while respecting our environment.

Community Admiration:

Over the past nine years, the transformation in the Hicks' neighborhood has been a source of great pride for us at Turfora. The consistent, natural appearance of our turf has become a point of local pride, showcasing our quality and impact.

An Open Invitation

We invite anyone in Orange County considering artificial turf to witness the enduring beauty of our work in the Hicks' neighborhood. Contact us at Turfora for a personal tour and experience the difference our dedication to quality makes.


Reflecting on the Hicks' installation, we at Turfora are proud of the impact our installations have had in Huntington Beach and beyond. The Hicks' story showcases the lasting beauty, sustainability, and smart investment our products offer.

In Orange County, choosing Turfora means embracing a lifestyle of enduring beauty and sustainability. We're committed to bringing this to life for each of our customers, year after green year. Please contact us for a quote.



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