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Artificial Ivy Panels | Voxwood

Artificial Ivy Panels | Voxwood


Our Voxwood panel will bring the outdoors inside your space. There are endless ways to use this wall panel. Introduce bright foliage, with our 20'' x 20'' to any interior space and can be cut, bent, and adhered to virtually any surface whether flat or contoured. Boxwood panel is ideal for walls, ceilings or any other surfaces that could use a lifelike restoration. With its realistic-like foliage, this faux walling covering does not require any sort of care to keep it looking fresh.


With the help of green artificial plant leaves panels, are allocated space enclosed fences and light, impervious views.

Green artificial plant leaves panels are an ideal element of indoor or outdoor decoration. They can be installed on any surface, like garden fence or hedges, that simulates one or another natural structure.

Flexible units can mimic hedge ivy and creepers, obscuring any surface.

Skip the maintenance hassles of live plants, with outdoor artificial boxwood, you can instantly install a barrier or privacy fence that looks natural and appealing.

  • Product Specs

    • Panel Size: 20”x 20”

    • Panels per box: 12

    • Average coverage per box : 33 sq.ft. greenery

    • Lifelike appearance

    • Made from premium plastic that won’t fade or degrade

    • Simple installation to cover any surface

    • Easy to cut to fit 

    • 3 year warranty

    • 5 - 8 year lifespan

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